Ingin jadi wartawan, nyasar jadi guru

My Dream


I want to continue my interest in modeling, statistics and OR. And I think by being involved in research is the most suitable way for reaching my ultimate goal. Research is about modeling the Almighty God’s miracle phenomenon. It is very complex, just like make a picture, sculpture and poetry. I faith that research is also an art. But, I do not want to leave my love on my former interest. I will continuously write qualified work as much as I can. I do not want that people admire me just because my brilliant work in research area. I want them all to know who I am; the scientist and the philologist.

It is my dream that someday my works will beneficial to others, whether my research work or my philology work. I will be very happy if others can feel happy because of my work. I do not want a power. I pray everyday that fierce will never come into my mind. I just want those hundred years later, a parent will tell a lullaby to their children. And that story is just about me, a man that sacrificed everything for his interest, work, love and faith. A man that gave his work in order to adorn this world with peace, love and happiness. You may say that I am a dreamer and also a braggart king, but I promise that I will give my best endeavor to pursue it. I want to success; I will strive for excellence. I always believe that success is commensurate with effort. You do not need to be a versatile. You do not need a prodigy. You just have to stand on your self.

Author: Rully Cahyono

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8 thoughts on “My Dream

  1. wow. go chase your dream. let the world witness that this tiny little man will reach the goal after all.

    gudluck rul..hope i can be one of those parents.

  2. A great dream, keep it ‘burning’ bro! 🙂

    And keep writing, I’ll wait ur next story

  3. gak harus pake bahasa inggris kan.. hehehe
    wah, saya sih sudah punya bayangan rully beberapa tahun ke depan, hehehe

    dunia ini memang butuh teknokrat seperti anda…

  4. bedeuh…blog baru niiiih. Mantaps lah.
    Ada versi bahasa sundanya ga rul?…heuheu.

  5. nah, this is the real Rully.
    brilliant mind, great spirit, big success for you!

  6. Berharap cita-cita itu akan selalu disertai hati yang semakin merendah….
    Cz all that u have, all that u reach, are just a little of His knowledge, His great power…
    Nothing u can do without His blessing…

  7. bahasa inggrisnya canggih euy, saya ampe buka kamus.exe buat cari arti kata2 susahnya, hehehe..


    saya gak heran sih anda bakal jd orang hebat nantinya.

    dan yg paling saya kagumi adalah,
    karena anda punya mimpi besar bukan buat kemuliaan anda, tapi buat dunia.

    keep the spirit lives on rul.

  8. “RuLi Bangettt” , aminn rul, oia rul jgn lupa. buruan uber “setoran”, jamin tu mimpi makin mudah terwujud…hahahhaha

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