Ingin jadi wartawan, nyasar jadi guru

Tailoring Talent, Love, and Effort


Our dignity and pride will not become less if we can not do what the others can. When we can give our potentials for someone of something need, that will be the time that we are useful. Those are the true dignity and pride. For me, an adept is not someone who has bunch of talents. Adepts are they who can tailor their talent, know what they love and give their best effort. Adept will give their best to their team or their society. Their ultimate satisfaction is when people’s need can be fulfilled by their ability. Adept will not be jealous for other’s success. They realize that God is very lenient. Every person has their specific ability, and has their specific task and position in this congested life.

By heart realizing those way of thinking, I tried to take suitable standing in team, society and organization. I do not need to be so dominant in organization, this is my principal. But, I have to increase my potential skill, so that I can give it for my organization’s need. I do not mind when people does not recognize me because I am not their chief. I believed by my skill give for the team, people will naturally know who I am and what I can do. I do not agree with people fiercely show-off their force in team. By uniqueness you have, you can still get the true and real admission from your team. Actually being involved in organization is pretty good. You can publicly afford your true ability, while you can manage and patiently understanding differences among others.

Author: Rully Cahyono

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2 thoughts on “Tailoring Talent, Love, and Effort

  1. iya kang, bner bgt ttg crita kita yg mirip.
    i’ve written a lil sm like this before.
    tp dlm versi anak sma yg masih labil dan ‘begajulan’ hhhaahhha

    hhhmm.. terbukti kita adlh2 org2 yg mau show to d world that we could do better by our own way.

    d point is to be professional, isnt it?
    wokay, sir. i’ll do what i should do. thx for givin sm inspirations..
    this is true: “ur ultimate satisfaction is when people’s need can be fulfilled by ur ability”

    • yes nida, at the few aspect, we are the same.
      yes, we have to show to the world that we can success by our way, success fulfilling what the other’s need, by our ability

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