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About Research and Researcher

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I think it is stupendous that researchers always have curiosity for learning and analyzing models depicting this real world. But, the greatness of getting involved in research activity is that its benefit to others. I believe that every researcher should begin their work with curiosity. And I wonder if they started their work just because political, economics, or just for glory motivation, maybe there is no advance of science and technology today. Researcher is just like an artist, they will reveal their best creation when they work by their deepest heart. A little evidence was the notable Thomas A. Edison. He invented most of his best when he was just inventor, when Edison carved his career as businessman, developed General Electric (GE), finally he realized that he stucked of generating a qualified idea.

My analysis shows that research had decisive role in determining wealth of a nation. We know so well that Europe have showed abundance of interest in research since 15’s or 16’s century. Begun from that time, European Government launched many policies fostered research activity. Europe realized that research was a paramount policy, and they organized Royal Society of England for facilitating summit of researchers. Europe also realized that researcher deserve for honors, so that they give peculiarities and assurance of wealthy for researcher and scientist. And we know the result that Europe was the best incubator for developing science and technology as the basics for advance of mankind in the next centuries.

Realizing the effect of research, I make hindsight about my country, Indonesia. Many of my well-educated friends, they have little interest on research, it often make me amazed. But, the Indonesian Government that has not a clear grand design of development of science and technology, it is more astonishing me. How can Indonesia reach their dream for being top-class country if we always contingent on foreign invention? As long as the government gives little attention on research, their dream of being wealthy country will never be a goal, just a desire. But, throwing the responsibility just to government is not fair. Then, every citizen that interest and conscious about research, has to start their pace for fostering science and technology.

Being a good researcher will complete a puzzle for collaborating governmental, industrial, and education sector, and improving performance in each sector. Then, researchers also heroes, because they also take significant contribution for advance of their country and advance of whole of this world. I give very high credit for researcher, because they work for others, for this mankind. And I want to be a part of them, make my life more valuable by fostering wealth of other. It is my dream that someday I can adorn this world with advance of science and technology.

Author: Rully Cahyono

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