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Five Years Backward or Forward?

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To be an academician or a researcher was my decision. To be honest, this was a quite difficult decision I have made. Many factors raise the tangles on my mind. And one factor lead the tangles is time. Yes, time often distract my focus to pursue my goal. Time I mean is time to start up and build my career. I mean, when my entire compatriot graduated, they will already start their own career at their own field. But, I still have to spend my 5 years with study in order to get my master and doctoral degree. In the other word, my career will start 5 years longer than my friends have.

I told this to friends of mine. They said: “If you know what is your goal, then 5 years you spend doesn’t mean that you move 5 years backward from us, but even you make a 5 years forward from us”. Wow, what a word friends! You right, I have to get tenacious on this. I have to concentrate on this. I have to pursue my goal with big heart. Suddenly I remember the quotes from Thomas Carlyle. He said: “A man with a definite goal will make a progress although he passes through a tough road. A man with an undefinite goal won’t make a progress although he passes through a peace road”. Thanks friends. Thanks Carlyle. Thanks for encouraging me.

Author: Rully Cahyono

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One thought on “Five Years Backward or Forward?

  1. rul, you are not going backward 🙂

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