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Equitable Sacrifice

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Time runs like a flash. Most of us have run the entire past time without even realize that we have run in it.  This instance also happen to me. When I look upon the calendar it’s shown that June 2010 has come. Wow, it’s mean that I have completed the last 2 semesters on my master degree study in Industrial Engineering and Management Department ITB. This last one full year just like an aircraft travel for me. I took a seat, the aircraft took off, I spent couple minutes reading in order to guide me to the aircraft-sleep, and when I woke up 2 or 3 hours later I just realize that now I was in the place 1.000 or 2.000 km far away from the place I was before. Time is a sword, it can cut down your obstacles but it can also kill yourself if you don’t have enough wisdom using it. That’s what my grandmother often said during my childhood.

Several past night I made hindsight during the last one year and I think I have done well enough although at some occasion I still feel unsatisfied. Let me evaluates my one year performance field by field. On the academic field, I realized that God still loves me albeit my inconsistency in study. I look on my academic transcript and there’s only 3 credits that I got AB. The remaining 21 credits marked with A. Much of my colleagues and my mentors asked me wheter I got dissapointed considering that I cannot earn a perfect 4.00 GPA. I replied them with smile saying that I fully satisfied with my GPA. Comparing with my undergraduate study, I make very little effort in this master study. So, whatever I can get, that’s enough to make me happly.

Last semester I also have made my thesis proposal. Spending times to deal with abstract thing like MultiAgent Systems made me stress. I said that it’s abstract because it’s a grand new field I barely know about, no one ever teach me and I was the only one among my colleagues that take that thingy topic. I read the textbook, download and spent night to review papers, ask lecturer from outside of my department and finally my proposal was agreed by my supervisor. He said that I can go ahead and he also expect me to complete my thesis –that’s paralelly mean complete my study also– by the end of this year. Wow, again I have to make grateful for everything God granted to me.

I have crafted my first experience in publishing academic paper during the last 2 semesters. On December 2009 I transformed my bachelor thesis onto academic journal. Albeit the quality of that paper that often sickening myself, that paper is accepted at the fair enough prestigious international conference. But, I think it’s a little bit to far to expect that paper can be published into prestigious international journal. Later, I added one additional paper about export-import policy. That’s one generated from my project experience and officially resulted from one of my courses during the first semester. Thanks to Bu Lucia for creating such courses system that enforce its student to undeliberately producing academic paper during their work on courses final project. I highly appreciate her system to integrate between courses and academic publications. The last paper I have added come from Inventory System courses during the last semester. This paper is now waiting to be reviewed by the conference’s referees. I hope that my paper could be accepted because I want to go to Malaysia by the end of this year.

Without make any less appreciation on my academic result, what I have studied a lot during this last one year is my experiences on consultancy project. Last week I already started my fifth project experiences. I owe a lot to Pak Senator, Pak Tota, Bu Rajes and the other Team Project to get me involved on those experiences. What I get on the last four projects are really abundant. About the topic field, I learn a lot from the micro to macro topic; from company to national perspective; from procurement, export-import policy, supply chain to information system area. That’s really fill my own knowledge and skill databank. But what most important among those things is that I can get to know about the perspective in the professional field. Whether look upon to the theorys and references is the common parlance in the academic field, the opposite approach exists in the professional field. To get experiences in building deductive-logical reasoning, having communication skill and persuasisve manner is really a huge learning for me. I also get one occasion to take role as training instructor, and I’m not exaggerating to state that I feel excited during that time. I love the moments when a 24 years old boy train group of 40 or 50 men in a formal situation. They waited for every word and instructions from me, and that old-folks obliged me, the newbie! That’s hilarious to know that I can also do that thing I only desire before.

Now, semester 2 has finished and like the past years during my study in Bandung it’s mean that long-holiday is upcoming. To be honest, my natural feelings says that I want to go home and get some rest so that I will get the full battery to enter the third semester. But I choose to denied that tempting feeling by staying in Bandung during this holiday. I want to get equitable results from my sacrifice. First, I have to concentrace finishing my master-thesis. I have a little confidence that I can conducts this thesis as smooth as my bachelor’s one so that I have to allocated more time. Second, I have 6 months remaining to fill my doctoral applicaton to ERIM. It’s mean that I have to prepare the TOEFL, GRE, reccomendation letter, etc. I don’t want my focus on those things get distracted because I take a long holiday. Third, I have to finalize my full-paper to be submitted to APIEMS’s committee. And the last ones that I have planned to take Italian class that will be started by next week. I also spent some times to autodicactly study Dutch by myself. It will great if I can speak four languages when I finish my master study.

Author: Rully Cahyono

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One thought on “Equitable Sacrifice

  1. it’s like reading a curriculum vitae. hahahahahahahah but good job though onion. i’m still stressed out for finding those kids to go to london. as if its easy to find people running out their money costs 3400 dollars to go out of bandung. oh mas oki~
    wish me luck btw! 😀

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