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Welcome 2011

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I still can not believe that today is the last day of 2010. It feels that the beginning of 2010 has just already begun, but this is the fact, we just has one remaining full 24 hours of 2010. I think I have not done much improvement in 2010. During last eleven months, I did not count any single kilometer of running exercise, I did not read a lot of qualified literature books, I wrote only less than a dozen of articles, I produced only four academic papers with very ordinary quality, and I did too much pleasures. Last night I made hindsight about those my 2010 track records, and these vexed my mind. Year 2010 underlined “inconsistency” as a keyword in my live. It was outrage that I did not even able to manage myself well. And if you give me a question, why have all those silly happened?, I think the answer is ineffable. You can make a detail schedule, you can swear a vow to manage your activities wisely, and you can plan your time efficiently. But, those will only be trashes if you don’t have a very stringent demeanor to say NO to anything that is not be part of list in your plan.d grieve are not be wise options right now. Year 2011 is on imminent arrival and now paramount importance is find a way to make 2011 as a great year. My goal in 2011 will be simple. I am going to alter “inconsistency” to “sturdy consistent”. After I reach that goal, I think it will be easy to accomplish my other goals in 2011. By the way, I will be 25 next year, and that means a lot to me. Many references define twenty five years old as a starting point of every thing. Twenty five years old is two or three years after you graduate from college, and those two or three years are enough amount of time to save maturity in your life-repertoire. Twenty five years old is also five years remaining to reach 30, that many believe as a next staging point to be a completely full men/women. So, twenty five years old is a leap to reach a dawn of your beginning success or awfully, it is a beginning of endless surge of darkness periods. Of course sane human will choose the first option, so will I. That is why I am going to take seriously of this upcoming year.

The imminent goal that going to be reached in 2011 is to finish my master study. I am going to make all possible sacrifice to reach this goal. I have been saturated enough to be in this campus, and finishing my study will be a good medicine to overcome that saturating moment. As soon as I finish my master theses, I am going to find PhD college. Of course I do not want just to get ordinary PhD college. But, instead of ordinary, I am going to strive for the decent one. Naturally, the decent is usually fewer than the ordinary. So, it will be a rocky road to find it. But, that is no problem. I have realized that the possible time to get my PhD college is in 2012, and if I get it by next year, that will be a great bonus. I will probably start my career as fulltime lecturer in ITB, or maybe I will see an opportunity as researcher or whatever else, I still do not know. But, one remarkable is I have to upgrade my career from research assistant to something higher. On the other side of life, I am going to allocate more of my time in 2011 to write my novel, it is entitled “Penantian” (EN: Waiting). I started write it two years ago but I did not have any gut to continue writing. Okay, new year will be come in a few more hours. And 2011, I promise you will not make any regret to include me in your bag!

Author: Rully Cahyono

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  1. Rulii…
    I wil be waiting for your Penantian, 🙂

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