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The Upheaval Moments of 2010 (Foreign)

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Hello everybody. Happy new year. This is my first post in 2011. Let us face this year with full of optimism.  I have not made any review on year 2010 yet, and albeit maybe this will be some kind of out of date topics, but I would like to bring of most catching attention events in 2010. And in this post, I only consider foreign events, the national ones will be brought on the next post. Of course those events will be based on my opinion, and says it my subjective version of The Upheaval Moments of 2010. I did not make any exact rules or algorithms to decide which events included in this list and which events excluded. Simply, if one event I considered interesting to be remembered, then that will be included in my list.

First event was 2010 South Africa World Cup. Until this day, I still dissapoint because the Netherlands had failed to feel a first experience carving their name on Jules Rimet cup. But, that was an unforgettable event. I have interested in football ever since I was a child. I have watched three last World Cup before the 2010. I watched the 1998, the 2002, and the 2006. And although I still consider that the 2006 was the best World Cup I have ever seen, I think that the last Coupe du Monde was pretty good. It was full of dramatic moments. The sudden honor to be an Asian had raised from heroic struggle of Republic Korea’s team. The German young arsenal embarassed the cocky England and Argentina gawky teams. And the most paramount moment of course was the final duel between the Netherlands and Spain teams. The team from Andaluasian had won, the had proven that skill and ball possession could overcome mere effective style played by the Dutch.

Second was safe and rescue mission of Chile underground miners. That was very heroic and catched avalanche of world attention. While the mission was executing, news from all over the world reported and showed how fond proved that it still existed in this world. The Chile President (I forgot his name) deserved credits of success of this mission. He motivated his miners fellow, organized engineers, health specialist, and many others related expert and then all of his efforts had triggered world’s compliment. He was great to show that a President is not just a politics symbol, but open our eyes that instead of just political matters, a leader has also show love. Leaders do not only lead money, factory or big capital, but also they lead human being too. And the most effective way to organize human being is by give them caress when they get suffering.

Author: Rully Cahyono

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