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Who Doubts Importance of Young People? I Don’t!

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Young people have been being discouraged during several past years because they considered as having no role in determining how future society will be like in this world. As a individual opinion, I totally do not agree with this statement. Let us cast doubt the statement by bringing up two happening examples.

The first example deals with recent riots happened in Egypt in the beginning of 2011. The riots lasted for about two weeks and it succeed in forcing incumbent President Hosni Mobarak to leave his throne that he has occupied during last 30 years. Many experts believe that this riots will alter face of politics in Egypt and its neighboring countries. No one should leave the fact that the riots were triggered by Egypt’s youngters. They had deposited their rage for several years because former President Mobarak and his allies were accused for corruption fraudulent and the rage was finally exploded when Mobarak banned Facebook and Twitter, two most famous social networking medias, especially in the coterie of youngters.

The second example still relates to social networking medias. Almost million of people in the earth have Facebook account. And who founded Facebook? Mark Zuckenberg. A man whose age has not even reached 28. Maybe some of us show scepticism because there is high possibility that Zuckenberg did not build Facebook to determine or alter the future society. I also agree with this hypothesis. But, say if Zuckenberg really did not make that deliberate decision, the world’s society still has changed naturally after emergence of Facebook. Who doubts that today’s society has different ways of social interaction compare to it used to have? Since emergence of Facebook and the others social networking media, the society has changed inevitably. This natural changing is a huge impact in our future society.

Young people are often often considered as wild and rebel by the older generation. And products that the best explain those two adjectives are strange ideas. But, strange is one of integral parts to make improvement. If everyone gives ordinary ideas, then who will think that the existing system is wrong? Out-of-the-box ideas are needed to make existing system better. Similar to science philoshopy, advance in science is achieved because scientists always try to dig mistakes of existing theories. Then defense of existing thories and challenge of proposing ones engages. Through this mechanism, science is fostered and fostered over the time. This analogy also explains why in many countries young people have made actions that blow crucial wind of change. While the older generation tend to rule the society by textbook policies, the youngters’ pure way of thinking always try to doubt those old-fashioned policies. So, if you ever asked this question: “who doubts importance of young people?”, please answer with pride: “I don’t!”.

Author: Rully Cahyono

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