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Last TI 3103 System Modeling course

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Last TI 3103 System Modeling course

This photo was taken in Bandung on 5 December 2012. I was given a cake by the students of TI 3103 System Modeling course of which I lectured in the first semester of 2012/2013. Most of them were also my students in TI 3105 Operations Research II course. They knew that by the end of the week I would go to the Netherlands to pursue my doctoral education. Thanks students, a surprise was always a nice thing. Sorry I was still far from perfect of being a good lecturer, but I promise to achieve that. When I get my PhD you will probably have just started your career as industrial engineers. I hope you all good success always!

Author: Rully Cahyono

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One thought on “Last TI 3103 System Modeling course

  1. Selamat siang pak, saya satrio yang ada di foto bapak pasti udah lupa sih hahaha. lagi googling di kantor terus muncul artikel yang refer ke web ini ternyata writernya pak rully haha. apa kabarnya ni pak?

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