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Singh Chappati House: Spicy Taste of North Indian Food That You Must Try!

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Brickfields (Little India), near to Kuala Lumpur (KL) Sentral, Malaysia; RM 10-15/portion

Before going to Amsterdam, the Netherlands in November 2013, I and my husband had 2-days trip in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. We deliberately decided to leave for Amsterdam from KL so we can explore KL together, eventhough in really short time. In KL, we stayed in Sentral Hotel, located in Thambypillai Street, which was a walking distance from KL Sentral, the main station of Malaysia.

chappati, mixed vegetable pakora, chicken curry, mutton curry

chappati, mixed vegetable pakora, chicken curry, mutton curry

On the first day, we checked in at Sentral Hotel in the afternoon, around 3 pm. Then we went to near places from our hotel, Petronas Mall and Bukit Bintang. In those two places, we didn’t find any attractive menu for dinner. I and my husband have the same taste in food. We don’t need some fancy food in exclusive place. On the other hand, we prefer to eat in the homely place that offers some new and great taste of food. At that time, I remembered that there was Brickfields or also known as Little India near to our hotel. So, we decided to go back to the hotel and find some Indian food which we had never tried before. After looking around for a while in Little India, we choosed to try North Indian food restaurant, named Singh Chapaty House. It was so easy to go there from Sentral Hotel. You just have to get accros the Thambypillai Street and walk for around 500 meters to the left. In pictures below, you can see the front door of restaurant and also the inside condition.

The restaurant.

The restaurant.

Singh Chappati House gave a nice first impression to us. The place was comfortable enough and also clean. All of the waiters were Indian. The one who served us was so genial and patient in explaining about the restaurant’s menu. The restaurant had starter menu, soups, salads, and main course. For the main course, they had chicken, mutton, and fish. They also provided rice, briyani, and breads. As an additional value, they offered some menus for vegetarian. So if you are vegetarian, don’t hesitate to try Indian dishes in here. Also there was one unique side, they didn’t have drinks menu. For all consumers, they gave cold water that could be refilled, for free.

After thinking and getting some explanation from the waiter, My husband decided to try mutton curry and I ordered chicken curry because I was afraid that the mutton would smell bad. As a subtitute to rice, we ordered plain chappati. Chappati is traditional bread of India. After 15-minute waiting, our food came. We were so curious with the taste of the food. My husband tried the mutton curry, and it was excellent. It really was spicy which met his taste in food. The taste of herbs and spices were so intense. In Indonesia, its spicy was similar to Acehnese or Padangnese food. The mutton was so tender and smelled good, not like my expectation. I also tasted my chicken curry and also like it. I and he thought that the chicken curry is also delicious, but not too special like mutton curry. It was a great combination when we ate the curry with the chappati, especially plain chappati because the simple taste of chappati could neutralize the super spicy taste of the curry. Instead of plain chappati, you also can try butter chappati. When we enjoyed our food, I suddenly thought to try any other food in the menu. It was weird to order mixed vegetable pakora which was one of starters menu. But it was ok since that was our very first experience in eating of Indian food. The mixed vegetable pakora eventually came after a while. My first comment was : “this dish really is similar to bala-bala in Indonesia, haha.” Actually the form of mixed vegetable pakora was equal to bala-bala in Indonesia, but in the smaller size. Like its name, this dish contained some vegetables such as carrot and cabbage. About the taste, again it was really spicy which came from herbs and spices that Indian usually used.

The menus.

The menus.

That was all about our first experience in tasting some Indian food in Singh Chappati House. Great taste and also affordable prices. I am happy to suggest you to try North Indian dishes in this restaurant. But, one advice from me, it will be better for you to order the small portion first. As you can see in the menu picture, they provide main course in two types of portion, small and big. For you, and also for me, who aren’t used to eat really spicy dishes, the small portion will be enough. But the choice is still yours. Someday, I intend to try once more of Indian dishes, hopefully in other places that can serve me nicely too like Singh Chappati House.

Kuala Lumpur, 13 November 2013
by Intan Nur Hilmi

Author: Rully Cahyono

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