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Bangkok Delicious: Fulfill Your Appetite of Thai food in Bruges!

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Langestraat 81, 8000, Bruges, Belgium;; Euro 10-15/portion

Phad Thai

Phad Thai

In this Winter, I and my husband took a trip to Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Volendam, Zaandam, Bruxelles, Bruges (Belgium) and Antwerpen. We planned the itinerary as well so we could spend our new year’s eve in Bruges. According to some friends’ comment and also blog reviews, Bruges really is a lovely city, compared to other cities at Belgium. We did agree with them because we felt jubilant when we were exploring Bruges, by foot, yeah Bruges is a walking-distance city. Nice people, nice waffle, and great buildings.

We came to Bruges on December 30th night. We stayed in St. Christoper Inn’s Hostel, located in Langestraat 133-137. On the second day in Bruges, we explored Bruges from early in the morning until around 4 pm. We got back to the hostel to take a rest while waiting for fireworks in Bruges Centrum. At that time, we were craving for some rice or noodles. We missed the taste of Asian Food. Fortunately, we found Bangkok Delicious Restaurant on our way to Bruges Centrum in the morning. Thus, we planned to have dinner there.

Bangkok Delicious was just around 800 meters from our hostel. We came to that restaurant at 8 pm. The place was small, there were just one big square table and some chairs. That was due to restaurant’s consumers mostly took away their order or asked for delivery service (this is common for European restaurants). Consumers also could order food in a large number because this restaurant opened the catering service. Notwithstanding the place was limited, we felt comfortable. There were some Thailand ornaments. We were served directly by the owner of the restaurant. He was young and so friendly. He moved from Thailand to Belgium because of his mother married to a Belgian guy.

Phad MamaAs usual in many restaurants, there were appetizer, main course, and also dessert menu. They also served soup and noodles. After looking at the menu for a while, eventually I ordered Phad Thai and my husband wanted to try Phad Mama. Both of them were kind of noodle cuisines from Thailand. We wanted it to be spicy, but they just provided chilli powder. We were a little dissapointed because we really liked spicy food and also wanted some at that time.

After 10-minute waiting, our food came. My Phad Thai looked nice and yummy. Phad thai was noodle (similar to kwetiau in Indonesia) with peanut sauce and mixed with some vegetables liketaoge and carrot. I got fresh, sweet, and a little bit spicy taste in one mouthful of Phad Thai. I ever ate Phad Thai in Jakarta and even in Bangkok. And this Phad Thai was good enough, its taste was similar to the one I tried in Bangkok. About my husband’s Phad Mama, it was also good but not too special. Its noodle type was different from Phad Thai noodle. As you can see in the picture, it looked like common fried noodle in Indonesia. It contained noodle, carrot, cabbage, and also egg. From the taste, I thought that the seasoning were simpler than Phad Thai. My husband liked it anyway, because of its freshness. To get the spicy taste, finally we used the chilli powder. Surprisingly, the chilli powder was really spicy, not like our expectation before. Its taste did not like other fake chilli powder in the Netherlands, hehehe. So, we got all we want that night. Alhamdulillah 😀 And about the drinks menu, they just provided one fridge contained several kind of soft drinks. They did not provide any special Thailand drinks.

It was an excellent feeling when you got what you want at that time, like we experienced. Our tummy was happy because of good food and also good people 😀 It is my pleasure to tell you to try some original Thailand recipe in Bangkok Delicious Restaurant when you are in Bruges. It is a rare opportunity to have Thailand food or other Asian food in a small city in Europe :p

Bruges, 31 December 2013
by Intan Nur Hilmi

Author: Rully Cahyono

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